Chapter G4: Women in Microwaves

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual

Prepared by Rashandra Henderson (2010)

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Purpose and Duties

A local steering committee person works with the women in microwaves (WIM) representative to plan the IMS reception. Duties include obtaining the venue and providing the location and time to be published in the Advanced Program. WIM is also referred to as women in engineering (WIE).

Suggested Membership Structure

Local steering committee volunteer, WIM representative

Timeline of Events

The reception is generally held the Tuesday of IMS week. Historically it has been located in a small room within the conference hotel. For the last 3-4 years, local arrangements team has set aside space, made the necessary reservations for hors d'oeuvres and an open bar. The event is held typically for two hours from 5:30 7:30pm or 6:00 8:00pm.

Description of Events

Each year there is a reception held to bring women in microwaves together to both discuss topics of interest or mix and mingle. This event is open to women and men and generally receives a nice attendance (up to 75 people) within the timeframe. Most of the time attendees pass through the reception leaving one event and going on to another.

Problems Encountered

In the last several years there has been no particular problem. If the local steering committee does not designate a person to facilitate the event, Jennifer More of Fly Events will make sure a room is reserved for the reception. In this case there may not be a specific program associated with the event and perhaps no advanced advertising is done.

Suggestions and Recommendations

The WIM local steering committee volunteer and WIM representative designated by the Membership Services Committee should work together.


Scheduling of a venue for the WIM reception has become part of the IMS week calendar although the program specifics may or may not be handled by the local steering committee. For 2010, Sherry Hess of AWR Corporation, is chairing this event and has made excellent arrangements.

WIM is now part of the Member and Geographic Activities Committee within MTT. It is expected that more structure will be in place for future events.

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