Chapter Z: Using Sharepoint for Steering Committee Collaboration

Table of Contents

Purpose and Duties

The MTT-S Adcom Electronic Information Committee (EIC) manages a Microsoft Sharepoint website at . For each IMS steering committee since 2009, EIC has created a website for that year’s SC to use for electronic file depository, shared calendar and collaboration.  The URL structure that is followed is where the xxxx is replaced with the active calendar year.  So for 2010, the Sharepoint site is .  The point of contact to for this facility is the Chair of EIC, Tim Lee.  He can be reached at or (310) 941-0208.


Suggested Membership Structure

All members of the SC will be provided access to the Sharepoint website upon delivery of a membership list from the IMS Conference Chairperson to the EIC POC.


Timeline of Events

1.      At 24 months prior to IMS, the website will be created upon request from the IMS Chair.  A short list of key members with leadership roles will be provided early access.

2.      At 18 months prior to IMS, the IMS Chair will provide a complete list of SC membership. EIC will create accounts for them.

3.      The IMS Chair or his/her delegate will create and maintain folders within the Sharepoint Document folder.

a.       Make separate folder for each major sub-committee to hold working documents. (ie. Publicity, Local Arrangements, MicroApps, etc.)

b.      Make a folder and sub-folders for minutes and presentations for each Steering Committee meeting.  The SC Administrator or Secretary will ensure that the presented documents are updated.  Instructions shall be given to the SC that the “official” versions to be stored on Sharepoint. This will eliminate the emailing back and forth of multiple versions of a document among the SC membership.

4.      SC members that cannot attend the SC monthly meeting can log into Sharepoint and download the documents of interest to review, edit and upload back to their folders.

5.      After the IMS conference, writeups for the final report shall be uploaded into the Final Report folder.

6.      12 months after the IMS conference is over, the website will be archived onto CD or DVD.


Description of Events

1.      Login to Sharepoint.  Point your browser to the assigned URL. Type in assigned username and password.

2.      Navigation within the site. The homepage looks like:

One the left-hand side, there are links to key features.  All files are stored under the Shared Documents link.  The Calendar link will get you to the SC calendar of events where meeting notices are entered.  Team Discussion is bulletin board facility that enables electronic dialog and threads.  In the top of homepage, announcements will be made.


3.      Shared Document contents

4.      SC Meeting Documents


5.      Calendar View


6.      Alerts

If you hover the mouse over a Folder or a document, a list of actions pop up.  From there, you can view/edit the properties, manage permissions, delete or alert.  Alert is a feature that you can make Sharepoint send you an email alert of that folder or document is changed or updated.

7.      Download and Upload of Documents

Hover over the filename and click. You should be prompted to download the file as shown above.


To upload, click on the link “upload”  You will be given a dialog box that would help you locate the file on the local hard drive which can then be uploaded to the current folder.


Under “New” you can also create a new document or a new sub-folder.

8.      Logout

In the upper right corner of the page, select “Welcome MTT-S\username and choose the “Sign out” function.  This will close your connection to Sharepoint.


Problems Encountered

1.      Some corporate firewalls will block access to Sharepoint.  In the case, contact your IT departement to enter the address into the firewall access list. If that is not possible, access Sharepoint when not on a firewalled Internet connection such as at home.

2.      Uploading of large documents may timeout.  Contact EIC POC, Tim Lee, for assistance.

3.      Need to download or upload a large number of files, contact EIC POC, Tim Lee, for assistance.


Suggestions and Recommendations

Tim Lee, (310) 941-0208 and will be your POC for any technical support for Sharepoint.



The Sharepoint website capabilities and instructions have been described. This facility will enable electronic collaboration for the IMS steering committee during its lifecycle.