Chapter F8 Conferences Services

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual

Prepared by Larry Whicker (2010)

Table of Contents

Purpose and Duties

An outside person can provide assistance in providing services as required by the local IMS committee.

Suggested Membership Structure

LRW Associates has been contracted for many years to provide this service.  Information on LRW is shown below:

Larry Whicker

LRW Assocaites

468 Walden Trail

Waxhaw, NC 28173 USA

704 841 1915

FAX 704 845 3078

Timeline of Events

LWR will provide the services at times required by the IMS Steering Committee.

Description of Events

    Every year the tasks vary.  For the Boston Symposium in 2009, the tasks included:

  • Provide RFIC Material for inclusion in IMS Program Meeting
  • Attend one IMS Steering Committee
  • Obtain Ribbons for IMS, RFIC, and ARFTG

Problems Encountered


Suggestions and Recommendations

   Future IMS Committee should contact LRW Associates for work that they need performed.