Chapter F7 Protocol

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual

Prepared by Peter Staecker (2010)

Table of Contents

o       IMS2010

Purpose and Duties

The Protocol Committee (PC) was established by Chuck Swift, chair of the 1989 IMS in Long Beach CA.  The PC Chair was Nancy Eisenhart, whose execution has set the bar for future effectiveness and value of this function.  The purpose of the PC is to assist the General Chair with awards and recognitions to MTT-S members and volunteers, especially for those who have provided exceptional service to the Symposium, and by extension, to the Society.  In providing this assistance, the PC will advise the General Chair on uniformity and proper distribution of the various recognitions and amenities to volunteer VIPs who attend the Symposium. While reporting officially to the Operations Committee, the PC exists to support the General Chair, and also works closely with other Symposium and Society Committee Chairs, including MTT-S Awards and MTT-S Education, IMS Banquet, IMS Plenary Session, IMS Student Competitions, and the MTT-S President.

Protocol Information from Chapter B, The IMS

More detailed information on Protocol is found in chapter B, the IMS under 9, Protocol and is repeated here.

Protocol is one of the thorniest areas to be dealt with in the IMS. A key is for the General Chair to appoint a qualified Protocol Chair. It is best for this to be someone active and with stature in the MTT AdCom, and who has enough time to dedicate to the task. Even with the best Protocol Chair, the IMS General Chair will have to spend time on protocol if only to make decision on protocol issues. The Protocol Committee’s responsibility is to implement and track the decisions made by the IMS Chair.

A detailed protocol spreadsheet was developed by Wayne Shiroma for IMS2007 and has been subsequently maintained and handed down from IMS to IMS. It is shared from one set of General and Protocol chairs to the next. Because of it’s sensitive nature it is not included here. General guidelines are included in the table below, from the linked file.

Protocol consists of appropriately allocating a wide range of gifts, perks and benefits to various participants. The array of offerings and list of people continually grows. Key items that need to be allocated are the Chair’s (or VIP) Gift, Rooms, Complementary Registrations (with or without digests), Chair’s Dinner and Chair's Reception invitations, Banquet tickets, and transportation.

Suggested Membership Structure

You This is a fairly small but experienced senior group of Society volunteers, including the PC Chair, the IMS General Chair, the IMS Plenary Session Chair, the IMS Student Competitions Chair, the MTT-S Awards Chair and Education Chair, and the MTT-S President.  The precise roles and responsibilities of the committee vary with the personal role that the General Chair wishes to play.  Protocol is an integral part of all aspects of awards and recognition of the Society, and these recognitions are given only one time per year, so it is extremely important to pay attention to preparation and detail – detail that resides in the experience of the cooperating members and in the history and documented records of previous International Microwave Symposia recognition events.

Timeline and Description of Events

Most of this activity takes place within 6 months of the IMS.  Active participation and availability of all members of this committee will guarantee success. 


  • Handoff event at (year-1) IMS in June, to receive the best practices, problem issues, and, most importantly, the “list” of names (contact info) and corresponding offices or titles, awards, recognitions, and amenities offered.
  • Generation of the new list of names and contact information (as available), including
    • IEEE and Society award recipients
    • IEEE awards (including IEEE Fellow Grade elevations) are approved at the November BoD meeting.  Awards Chair/President to send congratulatory letters          ASAP after this meeting.  General Chair to follow with invitation to receive award/recognition at IMS, including specific venue (adcom dinner, chair’s dinner, plenary, banquet).  This letter to include list of amenities.
    • Society awards are approved at the Fall AdCom meeting.  Awards Chair/President to send congratulatory letters ASAP after this meeting.  General Chair to follow with invitation to receive award/recognition at IMS, including specific venue (plenary, banquet, etc).  This letter to include list of amenities.
    • AdCom (including voting, HLM, retiring, Past Presidents, and selected other)
      • Incremental information (retiring members) is available after the Fall AdCom meeting.  General Chair to invite to receive award/recognition at IMS, Including specific venue (plenary, banquet, etc).  This letter to include list of amenities.

o       IMS TPC chairs, session chairs, and members.  IMS presenters.

§         All available after TPC meeting of IMS event

o       Selected other MTT-sponsored or affiliated meeting organizers.

o       Student Paper finalists

§         Available after TPC meeting of IMS event.  Student Paper Chair/IMS Committee Chair to invite finalists to Student Awards Luncheon ASAP  after TPC meeting.

o       MTT-S Fellowship and Scholarship awardees

§         Available Spring of IMS event.


  • Amenity coordination and recommendations in letters (see above)  from President, Awards Chair, General Chair, Student Paper Event Chair, and  Education Chair.


Problems Encountered

 There are differences of opinion among the recipients of amenities regarding the amenity given – or not given.  This is human nature.  This is also why the protocol list is a confidential document, and will not be published..

Suggestions and Recommendations


IMS Recent Reports


IMS2010_Reports\VIP PROTOCOL Final Report.doc