Chapter F3: Exhibition

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual

Prepared by MP Associates January 2010

Table of Contents

ˇ       Exhibition

ˇ       Promotion

ˇ       Registration

ˇ       Associated IMS 2009 Files Enclosed

ˇ       Multiyear IMS Exhibit Booth Month-to-Month Booking

ˇ       IMS Recent Reports






v    The Exhibition Manager is responsible for all interaction with exhibitors, including but not limited to:

ˇ  Marketing

ˇ  Onsite space selection for upcoming year

ˇ  Sponsorships (sponsorship items, levels and qualifications are to be decided annually in consultation with IMSEC and the Steering Committee.  Changes from the previous year may not be implemented without the specific approval of the current year General Chair.  

IEEE-MTTS may participate in promoting and marketing of exhibit related sponsorships, and will do so in coordination with the Exhibition Manager.)

ˇ  Billing/Invoicing

ˇ  Collecting

ˇ  Lead retrieval system

ˇ  Local compliance

ˇ  Security

ˇ  Exhibitor meeting rental space and requesting IEEE certificate of insurance

ˇ  Responsibility for exhibitor satisfaction (organizing the Exhibitor Advisory Committee meetings)

ˇ  Priority system for booth placement (rewarding exhibitors for their participation in the exhibit based on, continuous participation, total booth space rental, and participation in sponsorships.  No factors outside of participation during IMS shall be considered)


v    The Exhibition Manager acts as an advocate for the exhibitors to the IEEE-MTTS and the Steering Committee and shall:

ˇ  Establish exhibition rules, exhibit hours of operation, exhibit hall layout, functions and features of the exhibit shall be decided annually in consultation with IEEE-MTTS.  Changes from the previous year may not be implemented without specific approval of the current IMSEC Chair.  Year to year consistency is a priority, and useful innovation is encouraged.

ˇ  Develop and maintain a database of exhibitors, key contacts, priority data, and historical participation.  This database shall be shared in its entirety with IEEE-MTTS at its request and a complete copy shall be transmitted electronically to the IMSEC Chair annually within 90 days after the close of IMS in a mutually acceptable format.


v    Exhibition Manager is responsible for all exhibit-related contracts and expenditures including hall rental, decorator, onsite staff, security, insurance, warehousing, freight and drayage, signage, electronic infrastructure, catering and all other exhibit-related activities.





v    Exhibition Manager shall provide for:

ˇ  Wireless access

ˇ  Internet Café

ˇ  Exhibitor lounge

ˇ  Exhibit related functions

ˇ  Exhibitor only function

ˇ  Exhibit special event bussing when required

ˇ  Catering for exhibit functions, including refreshments during technical session breaks while the exhibition is in operation.

ˇ  Receptions (Including a function similar to the presently held Industry

Hosted Cocktail Reception)

ˇ  Historical Exhibit

ˇ  MicroApps (or a modified forum)

ˇ  Insurance coordinated to optimize coverage when combined with IEEE standard policies

ˇ  Bartered booths (organize and participate at the EuMW)

ˇ  University Booth


Changes from the previous year may not be implemented without specific approval of the current year General Chair.  Year to year consistency is a priority, and useful innovation is encouraged.


v    Limited complimentary Exhibition space will be provided to non-profit organizations such as Universities.  Changes in complimentary Exhibition space allocations from the previous year must be approved by the IMSEC Chair.


v    Complimentary exhibition space, set-up labor and drayage shall also be provided for the IEEE MTTS Historical Exhibit. 



The Exhibition Manager has the lead role in the commercial promotion of the IMS, including, but not limited to:

ˇ  Press interactions (manage press coverage of IMS with the objective of attracting the broadest range of relevant international press to the IMS, and encourage coverage of key items in the technical program and the exhibit.  A comfortable and convenient press room shall be provided with refreshments, internet access and private meeting spaces.  Interactions between the press and exhibitors should be encouraged)

ˇ  Support and placement of promotional articles in relevant publications

ˇ  Publication of an Exhibition Catalog

ˇ  Production and mailing of promotional materials, including technical descriptions suitable to encourage and justify attendance at a preeminent global technical conference. (The direct printing and mailing cost of the Advance Program are the responsibility of IEEE-MTTS)

ˇ  Design and placement of ads promoting exhibiting or attendance of the IMS in appropriate publications, websites and other outlets

ˇ  Design, maintenance, and support of websites (one or more websites to support the registration system and all exhibitor interactions.  IEEE-MTTS develops and maintains a general attendee information website (currently and is responsible for a housing website.  At a minimum, all websites are to be coordinated and linked.  A single full function website may be created instead, at the discretion of IEEE-MTTS)

ˇ  Complementary booths and other in-kind exchanges with press and other promotional organizations

ˇ  Global distribution of promotional materials at other events

ˇ  Other promotional efforts that is current and consistent with generally accepted prevailing marketing trends




                    MP Associates also tales care of Registration as found in the file  below

                    (Registration Management 2009.doc) as well as found in the associated registration chapter.




          Associated IMS 2009 Files Enclosed


                        Associated Files Enclosed:

                        IMS2009 Exhibition Layout

                        IMS2009 Exhibition List

                        IMS2009 Exhibitors Contract

                        IMS2009 Rules and Regulations

                        IMS2009 Sponsorship Order Form


Multiyear IMS Exhibit Booth Month-to-Month Booking


IMS Recent Reports