Chapter F2


IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual


Prepared by Steve Pennock and Eric Soshea

Reviewed by Harlan Howe

Edited 2010 by Ed Niehenke to Include MP Associates as Registration Manager

Table of Contents

1.     Purpose and Duties

2.     Suggested Membership Structure

3.     Timeline of Events

4.     Description of Events
4.1 . Pre-Symposium Activities
4.2  Symposium Week Activities

5.     MP Associates Responsibilities

6.     Problems Encountered

7.     Suggestions and Recommendations

8.     Conclusion

9.     IMS Recent Reports
9.1 IMS2003

9.2 IMS2004

9.3 IMS2005

9.4 IMS2006

9.5 IMS2010
9.6 IMS2015

10.  Multiyear IMS Registration History

11.   Multiyear Registration Fee Charges Charts

12.   Multiyear IMS Weekly Registration Tracking

1. Purpose and Duties

The registration committee is responsible for collecting information and layout of the advance and on-site symposium registration forms. They also set policies for registration and provide coverage during all scheduled operating periods to resolve problems with symposium registration records. A final report of all activities is submitted after the IMS.

MP Associates, under contract to the MTT, will provide complete registration services for symposium and exhibition attendees. This includes providing advance registration services, on-site registration equipment and personnel, delivery of registration reports, and on-site package distribution. It includes the handling of all financial transactions, with periodic transfer of the monies received to the Steering Committee account.

On-site registration is accomplished with a set of self-registration terminals. Attendees use the terminals to select the sessions they wish to attend, and choose the method of payment they prefer. Once they have completed the form, they proceed to a payment counter, where the transaction is completed with the help of local personnel contracted by Horizon House. Help in using the self-registration system is provided by Horizon House staff.

The entire system works very well, and MP Associates has done a good job.  Horizon House previously handled registration. The Registration Chair and his volunteers are only called upon to make decisions regarding refunds or changes, to provide assistance to attendees, pass out speaker ribbons and gifts, and to sign vouchers. Signature authority should remain limited to four or fewer people.

2. Suggested Membership Structure

The Registration Committee should consist of a Chair or a pair of Co-Chairs, and 5-10 volunteers to work during the symposium.

3. Timeline of Events






At or before TPC Meeting

Complete layout for Conference Registration form.  Set conference registration policies with conference chair, especially who will receive complimentary or discounted registrations.



1 Month from IMS

Line up volunteers to work at Registration during the conference.  Work with Gift Committee to estimate number of ribbons and gifts, which will be needed.




Make sure personnel are present at all registration times to resolve any problems and offer assistance to attendees.



3 Months after IMS

Submit final registration report.


4. Description of Events

4.1. Pre-Symposium Activities

The principal pre-symposium activity of the Registration Chair is to compile facts and figures for the Registration Form, which appears in the Advanced Program. Primarily this consists of working with the Conference Chair and others on the Steering Committee to determine exactly what prices will be charged for the various activities. In the case of IMS 2002, this consisted of applying a multiplier to the fees listed in the IMS 2001 Registration Form and rounding the result to the nearest five dollars.

All this information is required to be delivered to Horizon House by a date they specify. They are responsible for adding the prices to the Registration Program, and for all the formatting involved. They will provide a copy of the form for approval, prior to sending it to the printers. Other than providing the exact numbers, this is a pretty painless process.

A copy of the Advanced Registration Form is attached. (regform.jpg)

One critical decision to make, in conjunction with the Conference Chair, is who will receive complimentary registrations. If speakers and panelists are not to be charged, make this decision prior to the start of advance registration. This will obviate the need for refund vouchers and will simplify the entire registration process.

4.2. Symposium Week Activities

Registration for IMS 2002 began on the Saturday before the conference. Introductions to the Horizon House staff and their contracted employees were made, and a brief training session on using the computer registration system was held. It is strongly recommended that you get to know the Horizon House staff, as they will be a resource on which you will likely rely during the conference.

Registration proper opened Saturday afternoon, and ran from 2 to 6 p.m. Traffic on Saturday is fairly light, and give the Chair and staff an opportunity to become familiar with the registration process. Sunday was a very heavy day for registration, so be sure to arrange for enough people to help out. You will need at least one person responsible for signing vouchers, one person to hand out speaker ribbons, and possibly one or two others who can help out when demand warrants.

With the use of the Horizon House system, the Registration function becomes primarily one of customer service. Registration personnel can have an enormous effect on the enjoyment of the attendees, so choose personable, helpful people to work the registration counter. Some attendees will be confused or upset about their registrations or the registration process. Registration staff should remain patient and courteous when interacting with these people. Any additional assistance the registration staff can offer will help to make the symposium a successful one.

Many people stop at the registration area to ask questions about the symposium, especially about the location of particular sessions. It is suggested that you have multiple copies of the program available, so that you can direct people to the proper location. Also, arranging to have a list of any room or schedule changes delivered to the Registration area each day would be a good idea.

Although we had multi-lingual people available at the registration counter, we had no need for these capabilities in registration staff. Typically, when interpretation was necessary, other attendees were able to provide assistance.

Each year MTT-S has an MTT-S membership booth to attract new members to both IEEE and MTT-S.  MTT-S offers free half-year MTT-S membership to all that apply.  IEEE headquarters will pick up the cost of MTT-S memberships to those who join both IEEE and MTT at this time.  The MTT-S AdCom under the membership committee is responsible for manning the booth during the symposium.  The membership booth is usually located in the registration area and provisions should be made for this booth.

5. MP Associates Responsibilities (See attached file (Registration Management 2009.doc )

MP Associates shall provide, support and operate a registration system used to register all IMS attendees including technical attendees, exhibitors, exhibit only attendees, press, guests and others. Registration system, at a minimum, shall provide the following capabilities and features:


IEEE-MTTS has full rights of ownership for the entire registration and attendee database (“Registration Database”).  Registration Database shall be constructed to allow for complex probing and cross-referencing and indexing of all registrants.  The Registration Manager will manage and maintain the Registration Database and provide MTT with access and with weekly reports on registration breakdown, a report that shows the current registration revenue and annual reports on key demographics.


The Registration Chair will determine all registration rates.  Discounted technical registration shall be offered to a number of employees of each Exhibitor.

6. Problems Encountered

The main problem we encountered was a decision to provide complimentary registration to conference speakers. This decision occurred after many people had pre-registered, which meant giving refund vouchers to a significant number of people. If this decision is made prior to advance registration, it will enormously simplify the registration process.

7. Suggestions and Recommendations

The registration job is primarily one of customer service. Make sure the people you choose to work the booth are personable and willing to help people. This will make sure that people who attend the conference will have a positive experience and good memories of their visit.

8. Conclusion

With the exception of the number of hours involved during the conference, with the help of Horizon House and your volunteers, overall the experience should be a good one.

9. IMS Recent Reports

9.1 IMS2003

IMS 2003 Registration Final Report.doc

Registration Volunteers final list.doc

9.2 IMS2004



Did not pick up registration packets.xls

IMS 2004 Registration Final Report.doc


9.3 IMS2005




9.4 IMS2006





9.5 IMS2010

IMS2010_Reports\IMS 2010 Audit Report-2.pdf

IMS2010_Reports\REGISTRATION Final Report.doc.

9.5 IMS2015



10. Multiyear IMS Registration History


11. Multiyear Registration Fee Charges Charts



Registration fee charts for all categories (attendance, awards banquet, workshop, digest, CD, etc) since 1986 are provided in the following excel file


12. Multiyear IMS Weekly Registration Tracking

Multiyear IMS Weekly Registration tracking\Multiyear_IMS_Weekly_Registration_tracking.xlsx