Chapter D2: Short Courses

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

Guidelines and Procedures Manual

Prepared by Robert Jackson (2009)



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Purpose and Duties

Work out call for short course proposals.  Solicit and review proposals. Review materials.  Select courses.  Work with instructors to refine proposals. Arrange for honorariums.  Work with workshop chair and general chair to determine appropriate honorariums and short course pricing. Coordinate with Virtual Participation.  Arrange for continuing education credits. (Waste of time.) Work with instructors on materials for students.  Work to specify rooms.  Work with instructors to insure complimentary registration for own short courses.

Suggested Membership Structure

A single person working with the workshop chair can handle this.

Timeline of Events

June of prior year: Create Call for Proposals

July/August of prior year :  Solicit Instructors

August of prior year:  Check website treatment of CFP

Late September of prior year:  Proposal deadline

Late October of prior year:  Send out acceptances

November 5 of prior year: Deadline for announcements to go in program (This was earlier than necessary)

January 15 of IMS year:  Agree on short course fees

February of IMS year: Agree on instructor honorariums (This should have been done in October)

Late March of IMS year:  Work with facilities coordinator to insure proper room setup

March 31 of IMS year: Deadline for print and CD notes/slides.  Get copyright agreement (see below)

At IMS :  Check with instructors to insure no snafus during conference.

At IMS after course :  Insure honorariums are paid to instructors

Description of Events

IMS 2009 offered two full day short courses, two half day short courses, plus one combination lab lecture full day short course.  Short courses were advertised as distinct from workshops.  High quality instructors were chosen/solicited.  Honorariums were used to motivate the instructors to offer very high quality courses..

Problems Encountered

Make sure instructors understand that a course may be cancelled for insufficient enrollment.  We ended up running a course even though it had just a couple students because we had guaranteed a minimum fee to the instructor (see below).  Course must be cancelled before the instructor books travel.

One of our short courses had lecture in the morning and an associated lab in the afternoon.  This was very popular, but enrollment had to be limited as the instructor had to prepare kits for the students.  The lab course charged a “lab fee” to offset the cost of the kit.  Also,  there was some very minor soldering that was done.  Facilities manager should be aware of this because of smoke alarms.  Extra power strips were necessary for measurement equipment and solder station.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Continuing Ed Credits    This was a big waste of time.  Few people took advantage of it, and it required quite a lot of organizer time to arrange.


Instructor Honorariums (honorariums per course split by # instructors per course)

-Full day Short Course   $125/student with a $2000 minimum and $5000

maximum  ($125 is the difference between the early bird short course

and workshop fee)

-Half day Short Course*   $75/student, $1000 minimum, $2500 maximum ($75 is a judgment call)

-Instructors will not be required to pay the short course registration fee.

-Oscillator Course:  $ 75/student for lecture only plus $125/

student for students who registered for both lab and lecture. Total honorarium no less than $2000  or greater than $5000. $50/student for SC5registrants added as a lab fee.


Copywright statement (obtain email agreement from all instructors)

The 2009 International Microwave Symposium (IMS2009) is hereby authorized to reproduce the author's (authors') short course material   on CDROM and on paper. This material will be distributed solely to IMS2009 attendees and the author(s) retain their full copyright.  It is the  responsibility of the author(s) to determine whether disclosure of their material requires the prior consent of other(s) parties and, if so, to obtain it. If the short course material was prepared jointly, then I certify that I am  acting as the authorized agent of all the authors."


Arranging all this was a lot of work, but worth the time.  The short courses were well received and provided significant value to attendees.

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