Chapter D13 Graduate Student Challenge


Starting in 2011, MTT society is hosting the Graduate Student Challenge during the International Microwave Symposium (IMS).  All PhD and MS students who are registered at IMS can participate in this event. As opposed to other IMS student competitions and activities, all of the activities related to the Graduate Student Challenge competition will take place only during the IMS. The aim is to encourage graduate student members who attend the IMS conference to form teams, conduct brain storming meetings, develop new ideas and propose applications based on the papers presented at the IMS and on themes indicated by the jury. During the IMS, each team will prepare a poster to summarize its results and major achievements. On the last day of the IMS on Thursday afternoon, student teams will compete by presenting their posters and detailing their ideas in front of judges from industry and academia. The winning team for the Graduate Student Challenge will be announced on Thursday evening during the IMS closing ceremonies. The winning team will be presented a $2000.00 cash award. All the participants who fully contribute and give presentations on Thursday will receive a gift from the conference organizers.

Students who are interested in participating in this new competition are asked to attend a meet and greet event on Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM during the week of IMS (before the IMS plenary session and welcome reception). During this meeting, the participants will form teams consisting of maximum three members. The student team members must not be from the same university. Transnational teaming is encouraged. During the meeting on Monday, several themes will be presented that should serve as the basis for the Graduate Student Challenge. Each team is to develop new ideas and propose novel applications consistent with one of the themes that they have chosen. The ideas should be based on at least two papers presented at IMS. The selected papers must not be  authored/co-authored by the team members or be from their universities. This is to assure a level playing field for the competition. Teams are required to prepare a poster and to present it to the judges, during a poster session on Thursday afternoon at IMS. The selection criteria will be based on the originality, content, practicality and clarity of the presentations.

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